Dunlop Purofort Professional Wellington Boots

Dunlop Purofort Professional Wellington Boots

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Purofort® is the unique Dunlop® material with millions of evenly distributed air pockets making it lightweight and thermally insulating plus a cross-linked structure that provides flexibility and strength. Purofort guarantees you long-lasting comfort.

In the early 1980s, Dunlop reinvented rubber and produced its first Purofort® boots. Purofort® boots are the best in class Polyurethane boots. On all important aspects Purofort outperforms rubber boots and basic Polyurethane. Worldwide over 10 million people are wearing these unique boots every day.


The O4 classification is the second most stringent category for occupational footwear. The boots have slip resistance, antistatic properties and feature energy absorption of the heel region. They are tested and certified in accordance with the EN ISO 20347:2012 standard


The SRA classified boots are tested and certified for slip resistance on ceramic tile floors covered with a dilute soap solution. The tests are based on measuring the coefficients of friction in forward heel slip and forward flat slip state. The results provide a good indication of the actual slip resistance of the boots in practice on slippery tile surfaces.


Purofort® boots prevent heat loss and offer outstanding thermal properties. Due to the unique recipe and molecular structure, all Purofort boots assure excellent cold insulation down to -20 °C. And even down to -50 °C in case of Purofort Thermo+ boots. Purofort boots are classified as CI, meaning that the temperature decrease measured at the upper surface of the insole does not exceed 10 °C after 30 minutes.


By design, the boots offer a perfect fit, optimizing comfort for everyday use.


The boots are 100% waterproof to keep your feet dry under wet and dirty conditions.


The outsole is resistant against oil, which assures that potentially adverse effects of oily substances on the protective properties of the boots are minimized.


The boots offer protection against a wide variety of chemicals. The specific application with types of chemicals encountered and conditions faced will determine which boot should be opted for.


The boots feature energy absorption of the heel region which limits impact to the foot while walking. The provision of shock absorption capabilities within the footwear minimises risk of injuries.


  • Material Boot Shaft: Purofort®
  • Material Outsole: Purofort®
  • Color Boot Shaft: Dark Green
  • Color Outsole: Black 
  • Safety Standard Europe: EN ISO 20347:2012 O4 FO CI SRA
  • Cold Insulation (°C) -20
  • Cold Insulation (°F) -4
  • Insole Type: Dunlop Basic PU Insole
  • Slip Resistant Outsole: SRA
  • Oil Resistant Outsole: Yes
  • Chemical Resistant Code: 6
  • Energy Absorbing: Yes
  • Cut Resistant: No
  • Heat Resistant Outsole: No
  • Fuel Oil Resistant: Yes
  • Ankle Protection: No
  • Electrical Insulation: Antistatic