HSGM HSG-0 Electric Rope Cutter

HSGM HSG-0 Electric Rope Cutter

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Hand-operated tool to cut small quantities, recommended for short-time operation only. Suitable to cut and seal the edges of synthetic fabric, such as cords, ropes, bands and belting fabric. Heat up time of blades approx 6-8 seconds. Heat may be controlled by switching tool on and off.

From a small project to an industrial one - HSGM has the right heatcutter for you. With the "seal as you go" process, edges won't fray and finishing time gets cut in half. Join the countless industries that have already experienced the benefits of using HSGM products.

- HSG-0
- Operating instructions with EC Declaration of Conformity

Manual: Heat Cutter HSG-0

- Supply voltage : 230V-50Hz (110V-60Hz)
- Power input: 60W
- Intermittent operation: 1/4 min.
- Class II protection    
- Supply cord 2m with a standard UK plug