Fladen Flotation Jacket 846

Fladen Flotation Jacket 846

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The Fladen Jacket is EN393 certified as a Flotation Jacket. Fantastic warmth throughout. Waterproof with a concealed hood. Can be worn on its own, or worn in conjunction with the Fladen Flotation Trousers. Also available as a one piece suit.

Fladen's jackets are manufactured from a light, soft, wind and water resistant fabric which gives incredible comfort and mobility.

Buoyancy Buoyancy w/ Trousers
2XS 30-40kg / 94cm 40.4N 50N
XS 30-50kg /106cm 40.8N 55N
S 40-60kg / 118cm 43.6N 63N
M 50-70kg / 128cm 51.4N 74N
L 70-90kg / 138cm 53.3N 83N
XL 90kg< / 148cm 61.4N 85N
2XL 90kg< / 158cm 62.8N 90N

All Fladen Rescue System flotation garments are tested and approved to the European Union Standards CE mark.