Fladen Flotation Suit 845

Fladen Flotation Suit 845

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Affordable flotation suits that do not compromise on safety. They have the same extreme buoyancy and thermal protection as with Fladen's other flotation suits.

Fladen's Flotation Suits are manufactured to stand the highest demands and are certified both as Flotation Suit (EN393) and as Immersion Suit ISO 15027-1. One of the criteria of the ISO 15027-1 test is that the wearer must not lose more than 2°C of their body temperature during one hour in 5°C water. The test result with the Fladen suit was a loss of only 1.2°C. A Flotation Suit gives protection against the first cold shock, unlike a wetsuit which uses body temperature to warm the water within the suit. Fladen's suits are manufactured from a light, soft, wind and water resistant fabric which gives incredible comfort and mobility. 

The Fladen Flotation Suit is also available as a 2 piece suit, and both jackets and trousers are available individually. 

Size Weight Height Buoyancy
2XS 30-50kg 140-153cm 54N
XS 40-60kg 153-160cm 60N
S 50-70kg 160-167cm 68N
M 70-90kg 167-175cm 76N
L 80-100kg 176-183cm 83N
XL 90-110kg 183-190cm 87N
2XL 90-135kg 190-198cm 100-111N

All Fladen Rescue System flotation garments are tested and approved to the European Union Standards CE mark.